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Horst Mundt handcrafted kitchens, bathrooms, doors & windows, staircases & furniture specifically to your requirements or specifications.

Living Timber meets the highest expectations for design and quality of workmanship. In business since 1982 - in New Zealand since 2001. more about us

About Livingtimber Ltd.

For Horst, working with wood is a life-long passion that dates back to his childhood. After finishing secondary school in Germany, he did a three-year apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker, completing it with special honours.

On starting his own business, he specialised in restoring antiques and creating antique reproductions and distinctive pieces of furniture. His inspiration for appealing, graceful designs came initially from the exquisite proportions of antique furniture. He has always considered skilful workmanship to be just as important as the design aspect. These days, Horst is just as passionate about modern design as he is about more traditional work.

Starting about ten years ago, in Germany, Horst began building eye-catching kitchens. Preferring to work without kitchen designers, his kitchens were not only functional but very beautiful.

Emigration to New Zealand followed in 2000. Horst brought all his machinery and tools with him and has continued working with the same philosophy nothing but the best, creating kitchens, stylish, exclusive furniture and front doors of all kinds.

If you’re looking for a door that will really make a statement at the entrance to your house, Horst will be happy to build a New Zealand or European-style front door to suit your requirements. The European doors are heavier and stronger, with central mortise locks, and because they fit differently into the door frame, they seal out wind and drafts much more effectively.

Horst works with new and recycled native New Zealand timber, specialising in recycled timber, including tawa, rimu, kauri, matai and totara, as well as the Australian gumwood jarrah. He also uses one exotic timber, Oregon pine, because it looks very Scandinavian.

The quality of the timber is of utmost importance. It’s not always easy to get good used timber and it can take a lot of effort to produce a first-class table. Once each piece of timber has been carefully selected, the nails have to be removed and the wood planed before it can be worked.

The timber comes from old villas where it served many years as flooring, rafters, beams and exterior cladding. Horst gives it a new lease of life, as when he turned old tawa doors from the Beehive into new kitchen cupboard doors for a client.

The old wood has a life of its own and would no doubt have a story or two to tell, if it could speak. In contrast to new wood, it has a unique character and is exceptionally well seasoned.